Mii Make-Up Consultation - 45 minutes

45 Minutes

Our unique Mii make-up consultation provides the starting point to create a look that is completely unmistakably you. From brilliant basics to total transformations, you will not only leave looking fabulous but you will learn some tricks from the trade along the way. You will also receive a simple Mii prescription card so that you can recreate your look at home.

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Moisturising Manicure

50 Minutes

Moisturising Manicure using Zen Spa by Jessica. A 50 minute exfoliation, moisturising hand massage, cuticle care, file and polish.


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Moisturising Pedicure

Moisturising pedicure - 50 minutes

Hard skin removal, file, cuticle care, exfoliation, moisturising foot massage followed by an application of polish (includes polish to take home).

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Luxury Pedicure

60 Minutes

Luxury pedicure using Zen Spa by Jessica and including hard skin removal, exfoliation, luxurious mask and heated boot treatment, massage, cuticle care, file and polish (includes a polish to take home)

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